Here are a few design options that can easily be incorporated into your website.

Pick the ones that you like the best.

The Accordion Module

The accordion module is a great way to consolidate information within a single system.

Accordions are very similar to tabs

except that the items are displayed within a vertical list. When a new item within the list is opened, the previously-opened item is closed and the new item’s content is displayed

Good for frequently asked questions

You can have as many as you like…

  • Bar Counter Module 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 97%
  • On Time 92%

Add a 'Blurb'

The blurb module is a simple and elegant combination of text and imagery. Blurbs are a great way to showcase small bits of important information, and are often used in rows to display skills or features.

Call to Action

It’s always important to give your visitors a clear call to action. Whether you are trying to get them to purchase your product or contact you for a quote, the call-to-action module will get the clicks you need. The CTA module is a simple combination of a title, body text and a button. When combined with a vibrant background color, a CTA can easily catch your visitor’s eye.


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