KARism has now ceased to trade. All hosting and technical support will now be run by Bridport Radio Web Services.

Telephone 01308 458992 or email karism@bridportradio.com


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It is almost guaranteed as you read this we are in front of a PC in our design studio. Within minutes you could have got in touch and we could be talking about your idea. Within hours you could have a quote, and the next thing you know we are working on your project with a deadline in place. It really is that easy… If you want to discuss a project in the pipeline, or even just an idea you have had but don’t know how to take it further, just contact us. We can discuss this over a coffee at our premises or at a location suitable for you. The more information we have, the better we can judge timescales and processes involved to complete your job.

How much do we charge? The most important and frequently asked question. I have given prices within this website but sometimes there is no easy answer here. All I can tell you is that some jobs are incredibly simple and therefore cost less, some are extremely complicated and cost more.

We charge £25 per hour [no VAT] so contact us to discuss your requirements, your budget and deadline, we will then prepare a detailed written quote outlining all the work.

Contact us to get your business on track…

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